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Class XI History - Writing and City Life

Temples were the residencesof various gods: Urbanisation Mesopotamian civilization was based on definite plan. Urbanisation Mesopotamian civilization was based on definite plan.

Mesopotamia and its Geography Iraq is a land of diverse environments. Obviously, in such a system some people give commands that others obey, and urban economies often require the keeping of written records.

Writing and city life class 11 Notes History

Life in the city of Mari How did a pastoral zone become a Trading Town in the northern part of Mesopotamia. Explain the System of Writing in Mesopotamia 9. The south is a desert — andthis is where the first cities and writing emerged. They were dedicated to different gods and goddess.

They would sendmen out to fetch fine stones and metal for the benefit of the god andcommunity and organise the distribution of temple wealth in an efficientway by accounting for things that came in and went out.

We studyhundreds of Mesopotamian buildings, statues, ornaments,graves, tools and seals as sources. It is still spoken in parts of Iraq. A few gained the power to establish theirown rule. Literacy in Mesopotamia 1. The greatest legacy of Mesopotamia to the world is its scholarly tradition of time reckoning and mathematics, calender.

Role of kings in Construction and maintenance of temples in Mesopotamia 1.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11th: Ch 2 Writing and City Life History

Travellers and scholars of Europe looked on Mesopotamia as a kind of ancestral land, and when archaeological work began in the area, there was an attempt to prove the literal truth of the Old Testament. This, rather thanagricultural tax, was compulsory. Assyrians Civilisation - when Assyrians speakers arrived and established their rule in southern part of Mesopotamia it was called as Assyrianscivilisation Features of Mesopotamian civilisation 1.

A front door that did not opentowards another house was lucky. There is social organisation in place Helpful for the city manufacturers. What is the significance of Urbanism in Mesopotamia.

These channels flood their banks and, in the past, functioned as irrigation canals: Further, fish was available inrivers and date-palms gave fruit in summer.

The bronze tool maker does not himself go out to get the metals, copper and tin. In this regard you will see many The first known language of the land was Sumerian. Mesopotamia was important to Europeans because of references to it in the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible.

Yet people seem to have sweptall their household refuses into thestreets, to be trodden underfoot. The division of labouris a mark of urban life.

The kings of Mari, however, had to be vigilant; herders of varioustribes were allowed to move in the kingdom, but they were watched. This language, similar to Hebrew, became widely spoken after BCE. Mesopotamian civilisation - The name Mesopotamia is derived from the Greek words mesos, meaning middle, and potamos, meaning river.

The students feel tensed with mounting pressure from parents and teachers leading to lack of preparation and loosing confidence. Download CBSE Class 11 History Worksheet - Writing And City Life in pdf, questions answers for History, CBSE Class 11 History Worksheet - Writing And City Life - Practice worksheets for CBSE students.

Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. CLASS – XI HISTORY. The new institutions that came into being with the beginning of city life include trade, temple, sea making, sculpture, and the art of writing.

Writing and city life class 11 Notes History

All these institutions depend on the initiative of the king. Writing and city life. Different Names used for the same civilization. city life, voluminous and rich literature, itsmathematics and astronomy.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11th: Ch 2 Writing and City Life History Writing and city life class 11
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