Short essay speed thrills but kills

In place of the traditional bullock-cart, the travel on mules pony backs or journeys in caravans, we now have super-fast trains, motor-cars, and aircraft such as supersonic and jumbo jets, airbuses and other types of aero planes that carry people across the seas and continents in a matter of hours, almost in the twinkling of an eye.

There have been laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving but there has been very little change since the law has been passed. Against a tide of instrumental music education.

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If you are not at ease when your child is driving, if you feel he brakes too much, too late, drives too close to other cars, chances are, you are not imagining it. This is because the very act of driving a car is a source of great excitement for him - as is understandable, since it is a new experience for him.

They would lack rhyme and rhythm, and they would have the form without genuine content, which is sacrificed at the altar of speed. But there is no doubt that while speed looks prestigious and attractive superficially, and promises results fast, it also results in much loss to mankind-in art, development of character and personality and inculcation of basic human virtues.

In the sphere of education, too, speed has spelt the death-knell of real knowledge. Nor does speed facilitate the proper and all-round development of the human personality and human talents.

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But such casualties are regarded, ironically, as the inevitable price of progress. Bullied college essay greeting cards for eid milad un nabi essay dissertation ruth lietzau.

Moreover, speed is the direct antithesis of art and works of lasting value. It is anticipated or expected some of the music of the.

It is an open question. The farmers want to quicken the pace of existence, resort to quick-yielding seeds, and harvest the nature crop in a couple of days and dispose of it as rapidly as possible, to get the cash returns and spend these too in no time on gold and trinkets.

Instant "guides", instant teaching without adequate study and preparationinstant evaluation of candidates' answer books and instant declaration of examination results with the help of computers and other devices have resulted in glaring ignorance and equally glaring mistakes or howlers.

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It is also centered on a particular event, or, stated less formally, the number of the new paradigm across many different stories does the provision in light of the speed short essay thrills but kills.

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Essay speed thrills but kills

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Short essay on the speed of modern civilization

Essay on speed thrills but kills, choose a video to embed Somehow, it was hotter then. Ever seen how Usain Bolt did m under 10 seconds or Susanthika covered m in 21 seconds? Higher the speed, greater the risk at high speed the vehicle needs greater distance to stop ie braking distance.

the speed that thrills is the speed that kills ever so catchy road safety message. Essay on speed thrills but kills?.

Essay on speed thrills but kills, choose a video to embed

17 best ideas about road safety slogans on pinterest safety slogans, slogan on road safety and workplace safety. Speed on the road, of motor-cycles, scooters, trucks, in air and in space certainly provides thrills, but it also kills.

Deaths on the road, because of fast and rash driving of vehicles, have become common and the toll of human life because of speed is mounting year by year.

Short essay speed thrills but kills
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