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The only thing making me nervous is the comment from the Barnes Foundation's director Derek Gillman, who called it a creative choice.


After all of the jobs packed up and headed overseas, Pittsburgh has remained the largest economic stronghold within the Appalachian mountain chain with its important healthcare, financial, and robotics industries.

The Daily News's Earni Young reported yesterday that its head developer, Marc Stein, was seeking support from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for the rezoning of the parcel that will house the now-standalone fifteen story parking garage that will accompany the mixed use 66 story tower.


That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the first accurate preview of what will be the finished Comcast Center. If you're into the bespectacled Delco star -- and why wouldn't you be. While running errands in the area adjacent to our Germantown accommodations, we drove through the upscale Mt.

Living feet off the shore above an ocean is really ideal. To decide the two winners, I chose my favorite five entries, put their name in a hat, and allowed Mrs. Presented, without commentary until after completion, is this gem of a reader email.

A few minutes later, men began answering them. But don't take my word for it -- read for yourself the choice of descriptors -- ominous, swallowed, awful, "If ZBA allows this building there will be 10 more just like it within months.

We also went to the Liberty Bell, housed in a building with exhibits about the crack that worsened when officials tried to repair it in as well as discussions about liberty. But, the redo isn't going to begin for at least two years, and what happens then will be anyone's but mostly Trinity's guess.

Bless the Cabot cheese tray, a cold bottle of Sam Adams and a good pair of headphones for perfect scenery watching. Peal out and get over to this site.

Lucinda Gallagher, a New Jersey girl and a rabid music fan, took her own life just before Christmas, leaving her two teenaged kids in need. Below are the final five entries: The closest subway stop is Ostermalmtorg.

Land Eagles Land: Team returns to Philly to celebrate

We'll get down there in the next month or two for a long-time-coming photo essay. The Last Waltz, Martin Scorcese's famous documentary, captures that final performance. Despite some rowdy fans, most have been in a celebratory mood across the city.

Save lots of time for browsing at this great site. “City of Brotherly Love” has turned into a phrase invoked more often in sarcasm than admiration.

Ina Gallup Poll named Philadelphia America’s most hostile place. The most durable stereotypes about the city cluster around its fans’ penchant for booing and the colorfulness of its crime and corruption. As I start My season, with the NBA Washington Wizards, I still have a strong love for my Alma mater-the Duke Bluedevils of the ACC.

I was very fortunate to be apart of Coach K's basketball fantasy camp this past summer and it was such a wonderful experience-full of fun. 7 Awesome Things to Do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia is known as the “City of Brotherly Love” and is one of the oldest cities in America.

It is the fifth largest.

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Welcomed by a throng of supporters singing endless renditions of "Fly, Eagles, Fly", the Eagles returned to the City of Brotherly Love as Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history. Book Description: Most history books paint Philadelphia as a place of revolutionary greatness, but there exists a forgotten, alternative history of the City of Brotherly Love.

Jun 09,  · Text PHILADELPHIA - Bistec con queso? Not at Geno's Steaks. An English-only ordering policy has thrust one of Philadelphia's best-known cheesesteak joints.

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Another Eagles loss leaves Philly fans completely outraged -