A comparison of great muslim cities baghdad and cordoba on long distance trade

Stability in Spain is restored by an Umayyad prince, Abd-al-Rahman, who escapes the Abbasid massacre of his family in Syria. As a Mozarab bishop, Recemundus, described [Cordoba] in March Curriculum Standards Implementation Materials needed in class: The Mozarabs were the lower strata of society, heavily taxed with few civil rights and culturally influenced by the Muslims.

Cucumbers are planted and cotton, saffron and aubergines sown…Locusts appear and must be destroyed. The chain of communication stretches from the school of translators set up in Baghdad in the 8th century Greek into Arabic to a school of translators established in Toledo in the 13th century Arabic into Latin.

City-states were governed by kings, who controlled the trade, as well as the taxes. Areas under Muslim control were known as "Dar al-Islam". Song goods traveled as far as east Africa and the power of the Song shifted south.

Swahili is a language that blends Bantu and Arabic.


In what ways were they different. Religiously, the priestly class oversaw rituals which involved bloodletting and human sacrifice.

The rapid growth of Islam after shaped events and societies in parts of Africa, Europe and Southwest Asia. Their religion was based on the worship of the sun and other deities. Add at least 6 new ideas As a group, look at the map of Baghdad your teammate drafted.

The luxury and delight of Harun al-Rashid's Baghdad, in the late 8th century, has been impressed on the western mind by one of the most famous works of Arabic literature - the Thousand and One Nights.

But their religion affects their careers differently. For the Arabs an interesting fringe benefit of victory is the valuable secret of how to make paper.

This weakening of Buddhism led to the development of Neo-Confucianism. What innovative contributions came from the Muslims. Abul Abbas is proclaimed the first caliph of a new line.

It is evident from the 8th century in Baghdad in the east and in Cordoba in the west. Swahili is a language that blends Bantu and Arabic.

Baghdad: 8th century: In their new city of Baghdad the Abbasid caliphs adopt the administrative system of the long-established Persian empire. Persian Muslims are as much involved in the life of this thriving place as Arab Muslims.

Here Islam outgrows its Arab roots and becomes an international religion. Lesson 3: Baghdad and Cordoba: Cities of the Golden Age of Islam. the capital of the Abbasid Empire and Cordoba, the capital of Muslim Spain.

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3) Explain to students that they will be exploring the capital cities of Baghdad and Cordoba and learning what made them the glorious capital cities that they were. 4) Divide students into groups of 3. then promoted, long-distance trade throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. China's internal and external expansion - During the Tang and Song Dynasties, China experienced an economic revolution and expanded its influence on surrounding areas.

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A covered marketplace, important in Muslim towns and cities, containing a variety of goods. The bazaars, where trade was located, were in the cities. The farming in rural areas made trade possible.

A comparison of great muslim cities baghdad and cordoba on long distance trade
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